Plaza Mayor



The Plaza Mayor is one of the most important squares in Madrid. Located just a few meters from the main square of Madrid, Puerta de Sol, it is known by locals and tourists as one of the most iconic places of the city. Formerly known as the Plaza de Arrabal, it was the main market where traders congregated in the main village. 29 years after Madrid was named the new capital of Spain (1580), Felipe II commissioned its remodeling at the hand of the Spanish architect, mathematician and geometrician; Juan de Herrera. In 1590 the construction of the first building began, La casa de la Panadería (The Baker's house). The building, situated on the north side the square, was built by Diego Sillero and, since 1732 until very recently, has been the office of the Peso Real and the Fiel Contraste. Now it has become the main office of the Municipal Library and Municipal Archive. Located in the center of the square is the magnificent bronze statue of King Philip III, which was created by Giovanni de Bologna and his apprentice Pietro Tacca. The construction of the square was not to be completed to its fullest extent until the reign of King Philip II's successor, Philip III, in 1617.

Type: Building

Year built:1590

Address: Plaza Mayor 28012

Area: Opera, Puerta del Sol

Author: Juan de Herrera

Style: Neoclassical

Area of interest: Architecture, History

Services: Government, Restaurant, Shop, Bar