El Junco





Jazz, blues, funk and soul come together every week at El Junco, backed up by some of the best DJs in the city and making it a genuine hot spot in the Alonso Martinez/Chamberí late night scene. It is a place where you can enjoy authentic jazz music as true to the genre as any New Orleans club. The club has two bars, one on each of its 2 levels, a stage for immersive live performances and a small quiet room for the conversationalists. They have an extensive menu of liqueurs and cocktails to suit the lively and trendy local crowd that frequent the place. Live performances usually begin from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am and go on until late, with a small entrance-fee, that comes with a free drink. El Junco is somewhere for those looking for an authentic underground club experience and an unassuming local crowd. Sunday night is an open mic jazz jam session and Saturdays has the most upbeat funky music for dancing.

Address:Plaza de Santa Bárbara 10 28004

Area: Colón, Chamberí, Chueca

Phone:+34 913 19 20 81

Days of the Week: Sunday , Saturday

Opening times:Mon 23:00-3:00 Tue-Wed 23:00-5:30 Fri-Sat 23:00-6:00 Sun 23:00-5:30

Type: Concert Hall

Facilities: Very comfortable, late-closing