Ramón Freixa Madrid





Named after the chef and owner, Ramon Freixa, and winner of 2 Michelin stars, this restaurant is one of the most elegant eating spot of the city. He also owns one of Catalunya’s finest restaurants, Racó de Freixa, another winner of the prestigious Michelin award. Ramon Freixa offers a modern minimalist space (35 seats and a private room for 10) with spacious tables and a menu that does justice to its fame. Among his specialties are the Big Duck (duck burger, green mustard ice cream, idiazabal cheese and bread), Bacalao al estilo Freixa (Freixa-style cod) and the famous Bogavante en micro menú (Lobster in the micro menu). All of which definitely earn the 2 Michelin stars awarded.

Address:Claudio Coello 67 28001

Area: Salamanca

Phone:+34 917818262

email:[email protected]

Opening times:Mon-Sat 13:30-15:30 21:00-23:00

Cuisine: Fusion, Modern , Inventive

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: exclusive fashion, exceptional cuisine worth a special journey