Opened in 1973 on the street of Alvarez de Baena, Zalacaín is a classic for fine Spanish cuisine and winner of a Michelin Star. A restaurant specializing in dishes prepared with the best products of the season, combining them with the best wines from its extensive menu. It has a team of professionals with over 32 years of experience, always attentive to any questions, who give suggestions to the most undecided. Do not miss their classic dishes such as the mushroom and foie lasagna and the apple strudel. A suit and tie is a must for men.

Address:Álvarez de Baena 4 28006

Area: Salamanca, Chamberí

Phone:+34 915614840

email:[email protected]

Opening times:Mon-Fri 13:15-16:00 21:00-00:00 Sat 21:00-00:00

Cuisine: Traditional, Inventive

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: exceptional cuisine worth a special journey

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