Tasca La Farmacia





Tasca la Farmacia is a classic Basque restaurants of the capital. The perfect spot to enjoy some of the best "pintxos" (Basque tapas) with friends accompanied by cold beer or taste the house specialty, cod. A fish which the chef prepares in various different ways: croquettes, stewed, scrambled, deep fried... all of them with excellent quality and presentation. Located in the mythical district of Tetuan, Tasca la Farmacia is a must for those wanting to experience authentic Basque cuisine inside the city of Madrid.

Address:Capitán Haya 19 28020

Phone:+34 915558146

email:[email protected]

Opening times:Mon-Sat 13:00-16:00 20:30-00:00

Cuisine: Tapas , Traditional , Omelet , Basque

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: design